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       human hair
   human hair weaving/weft
   bulk braiding hair
   hand tied weft
   clip in hair extension/weft
   human hair weft   hand tied wet      clips hair       pre bond hair extension   skin weft copper micro link
   keratin hair extension
 skin weft/seamless hair weft
   hair extension tools/kit
   hair accessories
   wig/front lace wig  hair clips  front lace wig    lace frontal               hairpiece training head      mannequin head
Our main items as follows:

Human hair goods / Hair Accessories


Drawn & clean raw human hair

 Regular weaving and bulk

Straight Weaving and Bulk

 Italian wave weft and bulk

Yaki Weaving and Bulk

 Tapa B/W 27 pcs

Yaki Pony

 Afro kinky weaving and bulk

New Deep Weaving and Bulk

 Smil curl weaving and bulk

Jerry Curl Weaving and Bulk

 Toupees for Men and Women

French Curl Weaving and Bulk

 Woman's Wigs

Water Weaving and Bulk

 Mannequins with and without  hair

Super Weaving and Bulk

Super hair weaving bond and remover

Body Weaving and Bulk

Glue sticks and Removers

Yarn and needle for weaving

Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions and equipment

We also can process according to your samples , so we believe we can satisfy you with

our excellent goods and service . Thanks!

   wigs lace frontal LENGTH: 4" 6" 8" 10" 12" 14" 16" 18" 20" 22" 24" 26" -------52"
  WEIGHT:96g/pcs  100g/pcs  106g/pcs  100g/pcs 113g/pcs  126g/pcs 
   hairpiece COLOR: 1# 1B# 2# 3# 4# 6# 8# 10# 12# 14# 16# 18# 22# 24# 27# 28#
         30# 31# 33# 34# 44# 51# 60# 613# 280# 99J# 99J# 114# 130# 120#
   toupee        135# 136# 350# 450# 550# 650# 750# 850# 950# BUG RED GREEN  
   training/teaching head      T1B/27 T1B/30 T1B/33 T1B/99J T1B/613 T/1B/BUG T1B/144 T1B/350
       P1B/27 P1B/30 P1B/33 P1B/BUG P1B/144 P1B/99J P1B/613 P1B/350
   mannequin head      F1B/27 F1B/30 F1B/33 F1B/BUG F1B/144 F1B/99J F1B/350 F1B/850
       M1B/27 M1B/30 M1B/33 M1B/BUG M1B/144 M1B/613 M1B/99J M1B/850
  GRADE A: 100% best quality human hair , long hair ratio is high ,soft ,smooth ,silky,shine lighten and brighten ,with full beauty .
  GRADE B: 100% best quality human hair ,long hair ratio is common ,soft ,smooth ,silky ,shine lighten and brighten ,with full beauty .
  we also mix other hair into these hair products according to your request .
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