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Hair length:


Type of hair

Non Remy hair

Chinese hair        %

Indian hair       %

Remy hair

Chinese hair      %

Indian hair      %

European hair     %

Client will offer sample. 

Curl and wavy

straight     40mm

slightwave  30mm

Medium wave 25mm

     Tight wave   20mm

     Loose curl   15mm

     Tight curl    10mm

     Afro   F/2mm-6mm

     Other ______mm

Hair color:


if the color is more, show them on the below



Default is light to medium

Hair style

Crown        Part

left        left

right       right

No center No part

Pomp free style


Bleached knot

Note: Bleached knot only be used on front hair line or nape

 Baby hair

Usual curl

     Other     mm

Measurement of head size







1 Circumference 






2 Front to nape  






3 Ear to ear across forehead   






4 Ear to ear over top  






5Temple to temple round back






6 Nape of neck   






     Cap layout




1          2        

3          4       

5          6     

Lace materials

A French lace          B swiss lace   

C thin skin       D German lace        E  fine Mono

F fine stretch lace      G  fine welded Mono

Special instruction





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